Modules. Components of solar photovoltaic

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The modules are part of the installation directly receiving solar radiation and convert it into electrical energy in the form of direct current, irregular tension. A more sunlight, more energy production. Below is the list of available database, which works with the application.

New module


Solar PV off-grid.

Make Model Type Connector voc (V) vmp (V) isc (A) imp (A) pm (Wp) Pm Temp. Coef. (%/K)
ZYTECH ZT 250P POLY POLICRISTALINO PLUG T 37.56 31.44 8.59 7.95 250 -0.44 see details
ZYTECH SOLAR 250P POLICRISTALINO MC4 36.97 30.39 9.29 8.23 250 -0.44 see details tienda on line